REVIEW: Tamron Wildlife Photography Workshop with William Chua: Wildlife Through The Lens

Apr 10, 2023 | Events

Tamron Wildlife Photography Workshop with William Chua: Wildlife Through The Lens

The Tamron Wildlife Photography Workshop with William Chua is an incredible opportunity for photography enthusiasts to learn from a renowned wildlife photographer and experience the power of Tamron lenses. The event was held at Singapore Zoo and offered a four-hour workshop on capturing stunning wildlife photographs using an interchangeable lens camera system.

William Chua, a Singapore-based photographer with over a decade of experience in wildlife photography, is the workshop’s trainer. His extensive knowledge of animal behaviour and passion for photography make him an excellent trainer for aspiring wildlife photographers. He has won numerous international awards for his work and is well-known for his ability to capture stunning wildlife moments.

The workshop started with registration at the entrance of Singapore Zoo and a quick introduction to the event’s flow and William Chua as the trainer.

Participants were taken on a guided tour to the animal enclosures, where they had the opportunity to learn tips and tricks for shooting specific animals.

Throughout the workshop, William Chua shared his tips and techniques for capturing wildlife moments, emphasising the importance of patience, understanding animal behaviour, and technical aspects of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Participants were also given tips like how to underexposing the shot to preserve more details.

Tamron lenses were a highlight of the workshop. Participants had the opportunity to use a variety of Tamron lenses, such as the Tamron A067 50-400mm, Tamron A057 150-500mm, Tamron A058 35-150mm, Tamron A022 150-600mm G2, and Tamron A047 70-300mm.

Participants were able to capture stunning photographs of the animals, including tigers, orangutans, and lions during a rare mating session, with the guidance of William Chua.

Some of the remarkable shots were shared on social media. William’s understanding of the Zoo schedule also helps in improving the opportunity to get animals in their most active state.

William Chua gave a debrief of the learning points mentioned throughout the workshop as the event came to a close. He provided feedback and suggestions for improvement, encouraging participants to continue honing their skills.

The Tamron Wildlife Photography Workshop with William Chua was an incredible learning experience for photography enthusiasts. William’s expertise and participants’ willingness to learn resulted in some breathtaking wildlife photographs.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, this workshop is a must-attend event for anyone interested in capturing stunning wildlife moments.

Some shots from the workshop

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