Review of Tamron 35-150 f2-2.8 by Bobby Tonelli

Oct 30, 2023 | New Product, Product, Reviews

Tamron’s recent launch of the 35-150 f2-2.8 for the Nikon Z Mount has garnered attention from many, including renowned reviewer, Bobby Tonelli. He praises its versatility, suggesting that alongside Nikon’s 180-600mm, photographers could have a comprehensive focal range from 35mm to 600mm.

Key Features of Tamron 35-150 f2-2.8:

  • Versatility: This lens is rapidly becoming the go-to for professionals in the field, especially event and wedding photographers. With a vast focal range spanning 35 to 150mm, it eliminates the need for multiple lenses.
  • Aperture: Its commendable aperture of f2 to 2.8 ensures clear, crisp shots across varying lighting conditions. This range also aids in achieving that sought-after blurred background in portraits or when the focus is on a particular subject.
  • Popularity: The lens’s fame isn’t limited to just Singapore. Bobby’s observations in Japan saw the lens being widely embraced, highlighting its global acceptance.
  • Optical Quality: While zoom lenses often trade-off sharpness for versatility, the 35-150 delivers adequately sharp images for most practical purposes. Current AI tools further facilitate enhancements, pushing this lens to rival some of its prime counterparts.
  • Event Usage: Due to its expansive range, many event photographers have chosen this lens as their trusted companion. Whether it’s a grand wedding or a corporate event, the Tamron 35-150 has proven its worth time and time again.

The lens also boasts of a variable aperture, smoothly transitioning from 2.5 at 61mm-80mm and then to 2.8 from 81mm-150mm. However, potential users should note that while it brims with features, it does come with significant heft, weighing 1,190 grams. Those looking for a lightweight setup might find this a bit challenging.

Comparative Insight

Next to Nikon’s 180-600mm lens, the Tamron 35-150 stands tall. When contrasted with Nikon’s z 600mm f6.3, the size difference is evident, with the Tamron 35-150 being incredibly compact and light.

Final Thoughts

Bobby concludes by reiterating the lens’s specifications and optical quality. While not the sharpest in the market, its value for money, particularly when considering its versatility, is undeniable. For those not diving into the pixel depths, this lens, paired with Nikon’s 180-600mm, could be an ideal combination.

Tamron Singapore would like to extend their gratitude to Bobby Tonelli for this honest and comprehensive review. If you found this summary useful, ensure you follow Bobby Tonelli for more in-depth reviews.