Recap: Tamron Filmmaking Workshop by Thomas Goh

Nov 8, 2023 | Contest, Events, Product, Workshop

The day started with a welcoming buffet lunch, where attendees got to know each other and talked about their hopes for the workshop. The lovely food provided not only energy but also a chance for people to connect before starting the filmmaking journey.

Workshop Start with Thomas Goh

Thomas Goh kicked off the filmmaking workshop with a lively talk. He shared his knowledge and showed examples from his own video work, really capturing the audience’s attention. He also showed how the Tamron 17-50mm lens can be used in professional videos, giving the attendees a sneak peek at Tamron’s high-quality lenses.

Hands-On Videography

Thomas Goh gave a hands-on video session, demonstrating how to film a Lexus car. He highlighted using Hobolite LED lights to make the video look better and showed how the right lighting and lenses can improve a shot.

Practical Filming Session

With Thomas’s guidance, the attendees tried filming themselves. They got to use different Tamron lenses, which let them really understand the quality and flexibility of Tamron’s lenses through direct experience.

Video Editing Session

After filming, Thomas explained advanced video editing techniques. He showed how to turn raw footage into a professional-looking video, teaching the attendees skills to improve their own video work.

Exciting Prize Draw

The workshop ended on a high note with a prize draw, where three lucky people won a Nitecore BB Mini Blower, making the day even more memorable.

Thanks to Lexus Showroom

Tamron singapore like to express our greatest gratitude to Lexus Showroom for being so welcoming. Their beautiful cars and venue were the perfect setting for the workshop and played a big part in its success.

Final Thoughts

Tamron Singapore thanks everyone involved, especially Thomas Goh and his pro team for a day full of learning and fun. It was a day filled with not just learning but also a shared love for filmmaking that Tamron is proud to support.

Keep an eye on Tamron Singapore for more events that mix learning with hands-on experience in photography and filmmaking.