Tamron IG Photo Contest – “Celebration” – Feb 2024 | RESULTS OUT!

Mar 28, 2024 | Contest

Updated: 25 March 2024


Welcome to the Tamron Singapore Photo Contest 2024! This contest invites all Singaporeans and residents to showcase their photography skills and creativity.

Running from January 20th to February 29th, 2024, the contest offers exciting prizes for the top photographs. Participants can submit their best shots on Instagram and Facebook, adhering to our specified guidelines.

Join us in this celebration of photography and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Read on for detailed terms and conditions, and get ready to capture your masterpiece!

Photo Contest Theme

The theme “Celebration” is a wonderful opportunity for photographers to explore and capture the essence of joy and festivity. Think about moments that embody celebration – it could be a personal achievement, a festive event, a cultural festival, or even simple everyday victories.

Consider capturing the emotions, colours, and energy that define such occasions. Look for scenes that resonate with happiness, unity, or triumph. Whether it’s a grand public event or a quiet, intimate celebration, your lens can narrate a story of joy and togetherness.

Get creative and showcase what celebration means to you through your unique perspective.

Contest Details

  • Contest Period: January 20th to February 29th, 2024.
  • Theme: Celebration
  • Official Hashtag: #CelebrationWithTamron2024
  • Maximum Photos: Five (5) photos per person.
  • Camera System: Any brand (mention in caption).
  • Lens Brand: Any brand (mention in caption).

Who can enter this contest?

The contest is open to all Singaporeans and Singapore residents.

How to Participate?

  1. Participants can submit a maximum of five photographs (as individual post)
  2. Each photograph must be shared as a unique post on Instagram/Facebook and tag as follows:
    • Tamron on IG@Tamron_singapore
    • Tamron on FB@TamronDistributorSG
    • Hashtags #CelebrationWithTamron2024
  3. It’s essential to include the official hashtag #CelebrationWithTamron2024 in each post to ensure the entry is recognised.
  4. We encourage participants to join and post on official Tamron Singapore Community Group
  5. In the caption of each post, participants are required to specify the camera and lens used for the photograph.
  6. This contest welcomes entries taken with any brand of camera and lens.
  7. The photographs submitted must be recent and taken in the year 2024.
  8. IMPORTANT: Ensure that your IG profile is PUBLIC in order for us to access the posts.

Judging Process

  1. Initial Screening: Entries are first reviewed for adherence to submission guidelines, including proper use of the hashtag, mention of camera and lens.
  2. Technical Quality Assessment: A panel of judges evaluates the technical aspects of each photograph, such as clarity, focus, lighting, and composition.
  3. Creativity and Originality: Judges look for unique perspectives, creative approaches, and original concepts in the photographs.
  4. Relevance to Theme: The photos are assessed based on how well they align with the theme of the contest.
  5. Public Engagement: Engagement metrics on social media (likes, shares, comments) could be considered to gauge public reception.
  6. Final Deliberation: The judges convene to discuss and decide on the winners based on the accumulated scores and observations in the previous stages.

Prizes to be won

We have an incredible lineup of prizes worth over $2,000 for the winners of this contest.

  • Grand Prize: $1,000 Tamron lens E-Voucher
  • Second Prize: $500 Tamron lens E-Voucher
  • Third Prize: $300 Tamron lens E-Voucher
  • 7 Star Prizes (4th-10th): Nitecore BB mini blower each.

Winners Selection and Notification

Winners of this contest will be notified through direct messaging on the social media platform where they posted their entry (Instagram or Facebook). Additionally, the results will be announced publicly on Tamron Singapore’s official social media pages. Winners may also receive an email confirmation if contact details are available. They will be given instructions on how to claim their prizes in the notification.

Terms and conditions

  1. Participation: The contest is open to Singaporeans and Singapore residents.
  2. Contest Period: The contest runs from January 20th to February 29th, 2024, all posts need to be uploaded within this period.
  3. Submission Guidelines: Participants can submit up to five photos with the required hashtag and camera details. Following Tamron Singapore on social media is mandatory, and entries must be public to be viewed and judged.
  4. Judging Process: A panel of judges will assess entries based on creativity, relevance to the theme, and technical skill. Their decision is final.
  5. Winner Notification: Winners will be notified privately and announced on Tamron Singapore’s social media platforms. Winners will be given 2 weeks from notification to collect the prizes. Pictures may be taken at the point of collection for promotional purposes.
  6. Prizes: The Grand, 2nd, and 3rd prizes are e-vouchers worth $1,000, $500, and $300, respectively. These e-vouchers can be redeemed only at Cles Official Shop (https://shop.cles.com.sg) for the purchase of Tamron lenses only. Winners for these prizes are required to register an account in order to receive and redeem the voucher. Winners for Nitecore BB mini blowers for 4th to 10th place are to redeem the items at Tamron Service Centre.
  7. Prizes: All prizes are not transferrable, exchangeable for cash or any other products.
  8. Disqualification: Entries not adhering to rules or with incorrect information will be disqualified. Tamron Singapore reserves the right to select alternative winners if necessary.
  9. Rights: By entering, participants grant Tamron Singapore rights to use their photos in promotional activities.
  10. Responsibility: Participants are responsible for the legality of their content and must indemnify Tamron Singapore against any legal issues arising from their submissions.
  11. Privacy: Personal information collected is used solely for contest administration.
  12. Governing Law: The contest is governed by Singapore law.