Loh Yi Hui: Capturing the World Through the Lens

May 24, 2024 | Friends of Tamron

Meet Yi Hui, a photography enthusiast from Singapore, whose passion for capturing the essence of life is as bright as the island’s sunny skies. 

Specialising in travel, landscape, and architectural photography, Yi Hui’s journey into the world of photography is not just about preserving moments but about sharing the beauty of the world with everyone.

Discovering the Passion: Yi Hui’s Photography Beginnings

Yi Hui’s fascination with photography began in childhood, evolving from a casual interest to a profound channel of artistic expression. 

“Photography has always been my passion since childhood,” Yi Hui shares. “I am captivated to capture and share intimate moments of both people and the world around me.” 

This early interest laid the foundation for a lifelong pursuit, driven by the desire to create beautiful images that immortalise fleeting moments and preserve life’s beauty.

Overcoming Challenges: The Journey of Growth

Yi Hui recalls, “My ability to afford photography was limited in my student days, a passion I could only fully embrace three years ago when I finally saved up for a professional camera.” 

Yi Hui found ways to pursue his passion by borrowing cameras and using his phone as a substitute. His creativity and dedication paid off, often receiving feedback that his photos were mistaken for professional shots. 

“It was always gratifying to receive positive feedback on my photos,” he remarks.

Photography is deeply personal for Yi Hui, serving as a tool for documenting unique memories and self-growth. He is constantly inspired by other photographers on platforms like Instagram, which fuels his drive to improve. 

“This curiosity drives me to venture out and practise the skill,” he explains, acknowledging that not every outing is perfect but each provides a learning opportunity.

Defining the Artistic Style

Yi Hui’s photography is distinguished by its vibrant colours, strong compositions, and meticulous attention to detail. 

“What sets my photography apart is my attention to detail and my ability to find beauty in the everyday,” he states. 

Whether capturing sweeping landscapes or intimate animal portraits, his goal is to evoke emotion and tell a story through his lens.

Creative Process: From Concept to Completion

Yi Hui’s approach to a photography project is methodical and inspired, starting with ideation and stretching all the way to post-processing. 

“I start by brainstorming ideas and concepts for the project, often inspired by a particular theme, location, or subject,” Yi Hui explains. 

This early stage of planning is crucial, allowing him to set a clear artistic direction and prepare meticulously for each shoot.

Research and Planning

Once a concept is in mind, Yi Hui invests time in researching his subject or location. 

“This includes scouting locations, determining the best time of day for lighting, and making any necessary arrangements,” he says. 

Thorough preparation ensures that when the time comes to shoot, every element is aligned to capture the envisioned images.

Pre-visualisation and Execution

Pre-visualisation plays a key role in Yi Hui’s workflow. 

“Before I start shooting, I like to pre-visualise the images in my mind,” he notes. 

This process involves envisioning the final result and planning out composition, lighting, and other critical elements.

When it comes to execution, Yi Hui is meticulous: “I pay close attention to composition, lighting, and exposure, making adjustments as needed to achieve the desired effect.”

Post-processing: Bringing Images to Life

The final stage of Yi Hui’s creative process is post-processing, where he selects the best images for editing. Using tools like Photoshop and Lightroom, he enhances colours, contrast, and other aspects to fully bring out the intended mood and atmosphere of each photograph.

Technical Mastery in Photography

In discussing the technical aspects of his work, Yi Hui emphasises the importance of mastering composition, lighting, and exposure. 

“I often use techniques such as symmetry, vanishing points, and down-up shots to create compelling compositions,” he mentions. 

Each technique is chosen to enhance the visual impact and emotional depth of his images.

Lighting and Exposure

“Lighting can greatly impact the mood and atmosphere of a photo,” he observes. 

Whether using soft, natural light or experimenting with artificial sources, he adjusts his approach based on the specific needs of each project. Similarly, exposure is carefully managed to ensure that every image is perfectly balanced.

Inspiration and Influences: Driving Creative Vision

“I often find inspiration in the world around me,” he says.

Social media and other online platforms also provide a continuous stream of ideas and techniques to experiment with, pushing his creative boundaries further.

Influential Figures and External Inspirations

Among the influencers in his photographic journey, Yi Hui cites a diverse range of artists and creatives, from filmmakers like Walt Disney to photographers like Peter McKinnon. These figures inspire him not only in their artistic output but in their approach to creativity and storytelling.

Harnessing the Power of Tamron Lenses

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Yi Hui’s choice of equipment is pivotal in his photographic achievements, with Tamron lenses playing a significant role in his toolkit.

He first started using Tamron lenses in 2014, initially drawn by their reputation for excellent image quality and affordability. 

“Tamron lenses are renowned for their exceptional image quality, robust build, and affordability compared to lenses from major camera manufacturers,” Yi Hui remarks.

Experiences with Tamron Lenses

Over the years, Yi Hui has witnessed significant improvements in Tamron’s offerings, which have become his go-to choice due to their high-quality optics, versatility, and reliability. 

He specifically notes, “In recent years, Tamron lenses have improved tremendously, and they have always been my go-to lenses.”

Key Features of Tamron Lenses

The qualities of Tamron lenses that Yi Hui appreciates most include compatibility with various camera bodies, excellent optics and image quality, solid build quality, and, importantly, their affordability. 

These features make Tamron lenses particularly appealing for photographers who seek professional results without breaking the bank.

Creative and Technical Insights

Memorable Moments and Challenges

Yi Hui’s journey has been punctuated with memorable moments, particularly involving wildlife. 

He recalls a serendipitous encounter during a shoot at a local bird paradise, where an unexpected species of parrot provided a rare photographic opportunity. 

“It was a rare sighting, and I was able to capture some incredible photos of the bird up close,” he shares.

Challenges such as finding his unique style and overcoming creative blocks have been significant in Yi Hui’s development as a photographer. 

He tackles these challenges by experimenting with different techniques and styles, and by stepping away from his work to seek fresh inspiration when necessary.

Community and Growth

Yi Hui strongly believes in the power of community and collaboration in the creative process. 

Engaging with other photographers through photowalks and workshops not only fuels his creativity but also provides opportunities for learning and growth. 

“Being part of a community of fellow creatives provides a sense of belonging and encouragement,” he explains.

Advice for Aspiring Photographers

For those just starting out in photography, Yi Hui offers this advice: “Learn the basics, keep practising, seek feedback, stay inspired, and most importantly, enjoy the process!” 

He also recommends utilising resources such as YouTube for learning about camera gear and the basics of creative photography.

Future Goals and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Yi Hui is eager to explore more creative collaborations with emerging creatives and brands. He is particularly interested in expanding his portfolio into portrait and landscape photography across different parts of the world. 

“To connect with more emerging creatives and brands and work on creative collaborations together,” he states as his near-term goal.

Continuing the Photographic Journey

As Yi Hui continues to evolve as an artist, he envisions delving deeper into storytelling through his images and further refining his unique style. 

His ongoing commitment to pushing creative boundaries promises to bring more compelling and inspiring work to the forefront of the photography world.

Editor’s Words

Yi Hui’s journey with Tamron lenses and his broader photographic experience underline a deep commitment to growth, learning, and sharing beauty through the lens. 

For those interested in following his work or connecting, Yi Hui’s Instagram (@yhproz_snaps) offers a window into his world of stunning visual storytelling.