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Frequently Asked Servicing Questions

Can I service my Tamron lens myself?

Tamron lenses are intricate optical devices, and it is recommended to have them serviced by authorised professionals to ensure proper care and avoid any accidental damage. Any third-party or unauthorised repair will void any existing warranty

How can I request a lens servicing for my Tamron lens?

You can request a lens servicing by contacting our Tamron Service Centre directly through phone or email. Our staff will guide you through the process and provide necessary instructions.

Is my lens still under warranty if I get it serviced?

Servicing your Tamron lens does not extend the warranty period. The warranty coverage remains intact as long as the lens is within the specified warranty duration and no unauthorised repairs have been attempted.

What should I do if my Tamron lens is no longer under warranty?

If your Tamron lens is no longer under warranty, you can still bring it to our service centre for repair. Our team will assess the issue and provide you with an estimate for the servicing cost.

Do I need to bring the original purchase receipt for lens servicing?

While it is not mandatory, providing the original purchase receipt can be helpful for reference and warranty verification purposes. However, we can still assist you with lens servicing even without the receipt as long as the lens has a valid registration in our warranty system.

Can I track the progress of my lens servicing?

Yes, You will be provided with a unique tracking number to check the status when you contact our service centre for updates.

What happens if my lens requires additional repairs during the servicing process?

If additional repairs are needed beyond the initially assessed issue, our service centre will contact you to discuss the necessary steps and provide an updated cost estimate before proceeding.

There is fungus on my lens, can you service it?

Yes we can. But do note that damage caused by accident, misuse, do-it-yourself repair, or contamination caused by sand, dust, dirt, chemicals, or moisture, fungus are not covered under the warranty. Our service centre will contact you to discuss the necessary steps and provide an updated cost estimate before proceeding.

I purchased this lens from a friend, can I still send it in for service?

Yes you can. However, if the lens is no longer under warranty, there will be an upfront assessment cost for the lens. If repairs or services are required, additional cost estimates will be updated before proceeding.