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In the world of photography, every click of the shutter encapsulates a moment, an emotion, and a story.

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Discovering the Lens Life with Jia Qi | Friends of Tamron

Discovering the Lens Life with Jia Qi | Friends of Tamron

In the world of photography, every shutter click captures a story, a moment, or a piece of the unseen world. Jia Qi, a self-taught photographer from Singapore, shares his journey through the lens, his experiences with Tamron lenses, and how photography has shaped his...

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What is Friends of Tamron?

“Friends of Tamron” seeks to create a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for photography through the glass of Tamron lens. It’s about celebrating the art of photography and the stories behind every picture.

We understand that each photographer has a unique journey filled with personal achievements, challenges, and milestones. Our goal is to share these stories, to inspire, educate, and foster a deeper appreciation for the craft.

How It Works?

The “Friends of Tamron” campaign is a curated experience, where the selection of participants is conducted internally by our marketing team at Tamron Singapore.

This approach allows us to carefully select a diverse group of photographers who have shown exceptional passion and dedication to their craft.

While this is a closed selection process, every selected photographer is chosen based on their unique perspective and journey in photography.

Once selected, photographers are invited to participate in an exclusive interview where they’ll have the opportunity to share their photography journey with the world.

From their first camera to their favorite photography spots, challenges faced, and their aspirations within the realm of photography, we delve deep into what makes photography a significant part of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-Singaporean photographers participate in the Friends of Tamron campaign?

Participation is generally open to individuals meeting the eligibility criteria, primarily based in Singapore  (Singaporean or residents) due to logistical and legal considerations. 

Are there specific photography genres or themes preferred for the campaign?

The campaign welcomes a diverse range of photography genres and themes, looking for unique perspectives and storytelling through photographs.

How are participants selected for the Friends of Tamron campaign?

Selection is based on the creativity, originality, and emotional impact of submitted works, as well as the completeness and thoughtfulness of the interview questionnaire. And of course, it helps to own and use at least one Tamron lens. 

What kind of promotional use should I expect for my submitted content?

Your work may be featured on Tamron, CLES’s website, social media platforms, and in marketing materials, always with proper credit.

Will I retain the copyright to my photographs after submission?

Yes, photographers retain copyright to their images, granting CLES the right to use them for campaign-related promotions.

Can I request changes to how my content is displayed or used?

Participants can express preferences, but CLES reserves the right to make final decisions on content use within the campaign’s scope.

Can I borrow Tamron lenses to use in this campaign?

No, participants are expected to use their own equipment or make arrangements independently for any lenses they wish to use during the campaign.

Is there any official title accredited to the participants in this campaign?

No official title, such as ambassador or brand leader, is conferred upon participants. The involvement is purely for the campaign’s promotional purposes and does not imply any formal role within Tamron or its affiliates.

Are there any forms of remuneration, monetary or in kind, for participants?

No, participation is voluntary. 

How to be eligible?

The selection process is internally managed by Tamron Singapore, meaning direct applications are not accepted.

However, potential participants can enter the selection pool through nominations or referrals by acquaintances within the photography community.