Tamron Lens with 3* Years Warranty by Cles Distribution Pte Ltd

1. Your Tamron lens is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for 3 years from the date of purchase.

2. Warranty will be void if warranty seal on lens are broken or altered. All packaging come with a 3 years warranty sticker (see below) and kindly register your lens by scan the QR code or visit our website http://tamronsingapore.com.sg/warranty/

3. The proof of purchase must be presented to Tamron Service Center before any repair can be made under warranty.

4. Damage caused by accident, misuse, do-it-yourself repair, or contamination caused by sand, dust, dirt, chemicals, or moisture, fungus & any alterations/modifications by third party is not covered by this warranty.

5. Lens rubber grip or items that may be subjected to wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.

6. All mail or transportation cost including insurance are at the expense of the owner, all other claims of any nature are not covered.

7. This 3 years warranty is valid only for Tamron lens purchase from our authorized dealers in Singapore only. All online purchases from local/overseas e-commerce 0r parallel imported goods shipped from overseas will NOT be covered by this warranty.

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Tamron has been one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of high-quality optics for many industries for 70 years.

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