A068S | Tamron 17-50mm F/4 Di III VXD w/hood for SONY E

A068S | Tamron 17-50mm F/4 Di III VXD w/hood for SONY E

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 17-50mm Zoom Range: Offers versatility from ultra-wide to standard focal lengths in one lens.
  • F4 Aperture: Delivers consistent brightness throughout the zoom range and provides rich bokeh.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighs only 460g and is 114.4mm long, ensuring portability and comfort.
  • Silent and Precise AF: The VXD motor ensures fast, accurate, and quiet autofocus, making it ideal for videos and stills.
  • Short Minimum Object Distance: Allows for close-up shots from just 0.19m (7.5in).
  • TAMRON Lens Utility™ Compatibility: Enables customization of lens settings and updates.
  • Enhanced Design: Combines aesthetics with function, featuring an abrasion-resistant, fingerprint-resistant finish with an improved grip.
  • Fluorine Coating: Ensures protection from dust, moisture, and fingerprints, and makes cleaning easier.
  • Unified 67mm Filter Size: Provides convenience and cost savings for filter interchangeability.
  • Optimized for Mirrorless: Includes features such as Fast Hybrid AF, Eye AF, and in-camera lens correction.

Product Description:

The TAMRON 17-50mm F/4 Di III VXD (Model A068) is a groundbreaking lens that offers a versatile zoom range, from ultra-wide angles to standard focal lengths, all in one compact package. Its consistent F4 aperture delivers stellar optical performance, capturing rich details and beautiful bokeh, making it ideal for both still images and video shooting.

Weighing only 460g and with a length of 114.4mm, this lens is designed for portability without compromising on quality. Its VXD motor provides high-speed, precision autofocus that's impressively quiet, ensuring moments aren't missed, whether you're capturing lively pets or serene landscapes.

For the close-up enthusiasts, the lens boasts a remarkable minimum object distance of 0.19m, allowing you to get near subjects and showcase them in vivid detail. With the TAMRON Lens Utility™ software, users can tailor their lens settings for a more personalized photography experience.

In terms of design, every element of the lens exudes sophistication. The glossy exterior is resistant to abrasions and fingerprints, ensuring the lens remains pristine even with regular use. A fluorine coating further protects the lens from the elements, making it a reliable companion for outdoor adventures.

Lastly, tailored for mirrorless cameras, this lens supports advanced features such as Fast Hybrid AF and Eye AF, making it a powerful addition to any photographer's toolkit.